Alex Jarrett for Ward 5 City Councilor

I am excited to be running again for Ward 5 City Councilor in Northampton. My key issues are affordability, communication, climate change, walkable mixed-use development, safe and sustainable transportation, inclusion and social justice.

Over the past three and half years, I’ve been proud to support new zoning initiatives to address affordability and work on smart infill development. I’ve worked on improving public safety for everyone with my time on the Northampton Policing Review Commission, helped develop our Climate Resilience and Regeneration Plan, and pushed for traffic calming and better bicycle, pedestrian and transit options.

Through all of this I’ve stayed engaged with my constituents. I’ve alerted them to concerns in their neighborhoods and published an extensive monthly newsletter. In 2020 during the height of the pandemic I held virtual meetings for the Ward, together with our Ward 5 School Committee member. Before the pandemic, I went door-to-door meeting constituents and listening to their concerns and thoughts. I am excited to return to more in-person work.

As city councilor, I will continue to bring leadership that is responsive, energetic, and prioritizes listening and collaboration.

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About Alex

I've lived in Northampton for 25 years, and have lived over 17 years in Ward 5 near Florence center on the rail trail. I'm co-founder and a current worker-owner with the Pedal People Cooperative. This has given me a wheels and feet on the ground view of Northampton, and extensive experience in facilitating groups and finding consensus, all while running a small business committed to the environment and workers' rights.

I have served on the Northampton Housing Partnership, a city board that works for affordable housing. I was a founding team member of Valley Time Trade, served on the board of the Valley Alliance of Worker Cooperatives, and am a volunteer for the Pioneer Valley Worker's Center.

I love creating projects large and small that bridge technology and connection. Check out the Northampton Snow Squad, the Degree Confluence Project, and my personal blog, Sharett.

I am married and have two stepchildren.

"Alex has been one of the kindest and most reliable people I've known in the Valley for 20 years - creating community, helping those in need with his time, compassionate heart and resources, and being a solid friend who many people know they can come to for support with any challenges. And he's alwa... (see more)"

Benjamin Ross
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Affordable housing

Housing is a human right. We need to make Northampton more affordable by increasing the housing stock and available options, lobbying for the ability to change our property tax structure and encouraging or requiring affordable units in new developments.


Development & zoning

I support the encouragement of denser development in downtown and village areas, and reducing it at the outskirts of the city, to save the city money, create a more walkable environment and to reduce carbon emissions.


Climate change

We're facing unprecedented change over the next fifty years and we need to take radical and immediate steps to minimize and mitigate the worst of those effects. As a city, we need to commit to a transition to 100% clean energy. It's great that we've committed to being carbon neutral by 2050. How can we achieve that even sooner?



Whatever way we choose to travel, I want that way to be safe and efficient. For most of the past 70 years, transportation policy has focused on getting cars as quickly as possible to their destination, which has impacted development policy and quality of life in all other areas.


Wealth inequality & classism

Wealth inequality is a worldwide problem. It's also a local one. In Northampton, it is especially apparent in housing and wages. Two families that work equally hard can have vastly different earnings.


Social justice

Everyone should have the right to be safe and accepted. I will work to end discrimination and inequality in our city.



I believe in strong local public schools. We must get adequate state funding to pay fair salaries and provide the needed additional positions and resources.



I support strong local businesses and workers' rights. I believe these two go together. Workers who are respected will be dedicated to the success of their workplace.



I want to make sure that all voices are heard in city government. People who show up at city meetings, write or speak with their representatives tend to be disproportionately white, middle class and able-bodied. I will listen to everyone who participates, and I will also do an assessment of who is not in the room, and come up with strategies to make sure everyone is heard.



The resources we have as a community are astounding. I feel very lucky to live here and am grateful every day for the people, the roads and paths, the trees and fields, the animals, the air and the water, and the buildings that are available to me. This sense of gratitude makes me want to give and share.


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