"There is so much I could say about Alex Jarrett, it's hard to summarize why I think we'd be incredibly fortunate to have him as one of our city's leaders! I have utter respect for Alex and believe he would bring a wealth of knowledge, skills, and ideas to our community as a city councilor. Alex has years of leadership experience working within the Northampton community through a number of initiatives and as one of the founders of the Pedal People Cooperative. Pedal People hauls trash, recycling and compost via people-powered bicycle trailers for private residents and downtown Northampton. Alex also has attended many City Council meetings, so he has a “finger on the pulse” of key issues that need to be addressed in the community.

What some people might not know, is that Alex also lives with deep integrity; truly upholding his ideals in a way I have honestly not seen with many other people. Alex doesn't own a car, he lives in community with others in a collectively-run household, and he thinks constantly about ways to lessen his environmental footprint (while also not judging others for their choices). Also, since our daughter was born nine years ago, Alex has committed to playing a regular role in her life (and now also our son's) through weekly childcare for our family.

Finally, Alex is a skilled communicator, something I think is critical to this role. I have confidence he would have thoughtful ideas to share while also listening to the needs of the community and actively soliciting feedback from those whose voices might be less represented. Alex is one of the kindest people I know and he is actively committed to social and environmental justice.

Overall, I trust that Alex would help move our wonderful community in an even better direction, taking into account the needs of the ward's constituents, while pushing for change that would make our town more ecologically friendly, affordable, and just.

(23 year resident of the Pioneer Valley and 13 year resident of Ward 5)"

Charlotte Capogna-Amias

"I have worked with Alex in a variety of capacities, and he is consistently dependable, equitable, thoughtful, and supportive. He has an impressive skill set ranging from the industrious to the tech-savvy all the while working with integrity and for wholistic gains. I couldn't imagine a better advocate for Ward 5's voices. Someone who has proven their commitment to the resiliency of their community and will undoubtedly progress on the same trajectory for decades to come."

Angie Gregory

"I trust Alex Jarrett completely. In the 20 years I’ve known him, I've seen him side with the underdog on numerous social justice issues, co-found the internationally-acclaimed Pedal People human-powered cooperative, put solar panels on his own house, and speak out on climate change. I've seen him take deep dives into issues to understand them fully, and then listen carefully and respectfully to people on multiple sides of those issues. There's no one I'd rather see on City Council."

James Lowenthal

"As a founding member of The Pedal People, and the way Alex lives his life: community minded, sustainability focused, concerned about social justice - I would be thrilled to have him represent my ward."

Katherine McCusker

"Alex is deeply invested in the community. He is a successful cooperative business owner who has been showing up consistently and with integrity, and walking his talk with generosity and humor, for many years. He is just the person we need to thoughtfully and actively address thorny issues like housing affordability, to help strengthen our public school system, and to ally with the people of Northampton as your representative. He will make an excellent City Councilor."

Erik H Lokensgard

"I am supporting Alex to be city councilor not only because he is my friend, but also because he is a comrade who cares about the environment and speaks for poor, working class, and marginalized people in our community."

Lin Geng

"I’ve known Alex for two decades and I’ve always known him to be open, reliable, and very knowledgeable. He’s deeply committed to important issues that have great meaning for all of us. He communicates extremely well and actively supports community and sharing in creative and innovative ways. I’m delighted that we can vote for him because we need his brilliance to support us all."

Eric Friedland-Kays

"I can’t think of a better person to represent my interests and values. I am thrilled to support Alex’s campaign in anyway I can!"

Cat MacDonald-Amias

"As a fellow worker-owner of Pedal People for three years, I had the opportunity to work closely with Alex. I can't think of anyone I'd rather have in the room when important decisions are being made. Alex is thoughtful, genuine, conscientious, and a great listener. He'd be a fantastic representative for our community."

Emily Fabel

"Over the last 20 years of living in the community with Alex, he has volunteered technical expertise and offered the benefit of his experience to a variety of projects. I have found him to be thoughtful and helpful whenever I’ve reached out to him. I look forward to the ways we will work together for the benefit of Northampton."

Diana Riddle

"Alex has been one of the kindest and most reliable people I've known in the Valley for 20 years - creating community, helping those in need with his time, compassionate heart and resources, and being a solid friend who many people know they can come to for support with any challenges. And he's always had an amazing mind for creating systems that make life more sustainable, more inclusive, and more just for everyone. I'm thrilled that he's running to bring these skills into service for more people in our community!"

Benjamin Ross